Share your sexual purity testimony


You need to know how excited I am right now.
Something new is coming....(jumping and clapping around).

Yeah, Poise will start to feature testimonies of sexual so excited...

The purpose is to encourage teenage girls and young ladies to maintain a sexually pure courtship. Reading testimonies of people will make them know that it's achievable.

So are you already married?
And did you have a sexually pure courtship?
(You know I was not you can say for sure that your courtship was sexually pure and you are very proud of it)
Then this is for you.

Please kindly contact me on
by sending the following information, as you want it to appear on the blog

Sexual purity testimony

1. Your name and Spouse's name

2. Your own testimony (what made you decide for a sexually pure courtship, your personal goals, etc.)

3. Your Spouse's testimony

4. Challenges along the line

5. Practical steps you took

6. Any regret for making the decision, now that you are married

7. Any other useful info

8. Your wedding pictures  and some other pictures of yourself and spouse (about 4 pictures)


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