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Contains Journaling Prompts, scriptural verses and prayers for your future husband

I had a journal I kept as a single lady. I wrote a lot of stuffs in it concerning my husband.

It was more of those things that God tells me concerning him. The day that I was going to say yes to his proposal, I gave him the journal to read. Oh, how it blessed him, seeing all the things that God has told me about Him and confirming a lot to Him as well.

It was not a very good looking journal. It was just an old dairy that belonged to my mom. 

Looking back, I wished I had kept a good looking journal, I wish I had been more consistent in writing in it. I wish I had journaled all my prayers for him, as well as those love letters I wrote to him. I can't even find most of the letters again. I also wished I had gifted him the journal during our honeymoon. It would have been a perfect honeymoon gift. 

In line with this, I found something very interesting from Light designs and Prints.

It's a journal for your future husband, where you  write God's thoughts and your thoughts about him, your prayers for him and your letters to him. Oh my God, I am blushing right now. Imagine giving your beloved this during your honeymoon. What intentionality in your journey as you wait for Him.

The journal has several designs. This is just one of them. You can also have it customised to your taste. If you already know the future husband, lol, you can also have his picture on it. 

You can please click on this link, to order for your journal.


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