5 things that Valentine's day is not

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5 things that Valentine's day is not

One of the reasons why some Christian circles frown at the idea of Valentine's day is the numerous atrocities that happens on this day. A lot of people have a warped mindset about what the day is about. 

When I was in the University, I remember that Val's day was always a day when some ladies will go out in the night to God knows where and come back the following morning. On that night, if you walk round the campus, you will find campus couples in strategic places doing all sort of smooching with themselves. In fact we always joked about the way you will see some ladies walk in the hostel, days following the Val's day. We would say that they were walking that way because of the sexcapades that they were involved in, the previous night.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, they say, abuse is inevitable. You can check my post here on 5 amazing things to do on Valentine's day. 

In this post, we will be looking at 5 things that Val's day is not.

1. Val's day is not a day meant to have sex in the name of showing love.

5 things that Valentine's day is not

Val is not synonymous to Sex. Val is celebrating love and love is not sex. They are two different things entirely. Val's day is therefore not a day to turn yourself to a sex machine, in the name of celebrating love. Your body is the temple of God and you should never defile God's temple. Don't engage in activities that will make you defile the temple of God on this day and beyond. You are precious to God. You are poise and priceless. Don't let any man deceive you on the guise of 'Be my Val'. 

2. Val's day is not a day to go on dates with strangers or someone you know little or nothing about.

5 things that Valentine's day is not

This is another thing I see happen a lot among young people on Val's day. It's not a day to just go out with just anybody. Though you can go out with your friends on this day, they have to be tested and trusted godly friends, not just a stranger on a first time date. If there is no time out with any friend, then take yourself out, rather than be under the pressure of going out with just anybody.

3. It's not a day to waste money

5 things that Valentine's day is not

Don't be under pressure of meeting up with expectations and spending frivolously on this day. Some people even go as far as borrowing money and running into debts. Whatever you are going to do, ensure that you spend within reasonable budget.

4. It's not a day to indulge yourself and forget who you are.

5 things that Valentine's day is not
Some young people because of the euphoria of the moment gets carried away and do stuffs that they know are wrong. You should not lose your brain, lose your personality, lose your values because you are celebrating Valentine's day. If there's anything you should celebrate on this day, it's God's love, and God's love will definitely not cause you to stumble .
Val's day is not a day to attend a wild party for the first time, due to peer pressure or a day to try alcohol for the first time. I write this again; go out with only tested and trusted friends, to avoid unnecessary negative influences. Don't go getting drunk at parties. Don't turn yourself to a sex machine. Don't go to where you will be drugged and raped. Valentine will end but the effect of rape and pregnancy will always be there.


The truth is that on this day, many people make decisions that they regret for life. Don't be among such people. Let your decisions be guided by the Spirit of God.

I need 5 points but I wrote about 4. Please kindly drop one more point in the comments section. Thank you.

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