5 important things to do on Valentine's day

Hello Ladies and Girls,

Hulalala, it's val season again. Love in da air🤣🤣😋.

There are always a lot of talk about the origin of valentine and whether Christians should celebrate valentine or not, but I am not in for those talks today😋😋.

This post is about 5 amazing things you can do on Valentine's day.

1. Thank God for His Love

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

The highest and purest form of love is God's love to mankind. It was God's love to the world that made him to send Jesus to die for our sins. God loves the world, so much; everybody in the world. If you are a believer, you are no longer 'the world', you are His child, He can't love you less. He probably even loves you more. God loves you so much. He loves you deeply and passionately. Nobody can ever love you as much as God loves you. The highest revelation you can ever have, is the revelation of how God loves you. It will change everything for you. He who is forgiven much loves much. The goodness of God brings repentance

Everyday is a day to thank God for His love. On Val's day, spend more time reflecting on Abba's love for you. Sing songs about His love, and just be engulfed by the depth of His love.

Here is best song about God's love. Check here also for an article I wrote about the characteristics of God's love.

2. Share the love of God with other people

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

When last did you share God's love with others? This is the core of our faith. God wants us to share His love with others. Life sometimes get busy and we misplace our priorities. However, Val's day can be a great time to consciously share about God's love with other people. You can share His love by direct communication with someone or with a group of people. Go out on this day and preach the gospel. Tell people about how much God loves them. You can do it by engaging in activities that will communicate His love, such as hosting someone for dinner, acts of service for a beloved and giving of gifts. Of course, sharing God's love should be an everyday act, but on Val's day, be very conscious about it, take practical steps and plan for it.

3. Organize or Volunteer for a community outreach

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

This is another great way to enjoy your Val's day. You can plan an outreach for a group of people in your community, say children, teenagers, old women, etc. You can plan cleaning outreaches, giving outreaches etc. Think of how you can be a blessing, not just how you can receive.

4. Go out with your friends/Spend time with family

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

Yaay, here's another thing you can do on Val's day. It's a time you can enjoy time out with your friends. Note that this enjoyment should be within the limit of what's holy and acceptable to God. Beware of the types of friends you go out with. Go out with friends that share similar spiritual values with you. Not those that will lure you into ungodly activities. You can also spend time with your family member and enjoy a nice day out with your parents and siblings if they are around you.

5. Love up on yourself.

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

Peradventure, there's no friend or friends to go out with, no family member around or no activity that you can be a part of. You can engage in personal activities that are interesting to you. You can stay home reading books, watching movies, listening to music, dancing, playing games etc. You can take an evening walk just meditating, You can go out to eat or treat yourself to a nice home made meal, you can stay home and just sleep🤣. You don't need any thing or any body to love up on yourself.

Don't stay grumpy if everyone around you has a guy or girl to get something for her or take her out, while you don't, or if everyone has a val and you don't. Who says you can't Val yourself or get yourself a Val gift?. 

Please feel free to share other things that you can do, in the comment thread.

Love ya.


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