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Book review: Precious Jewels Devotional by Dorcas Omodieke

Hello Ladies and Girls, How are you doing? Sometimes last year, a dear friend and a precious sister, Dorcas Omodieke published a beautiful devotional 'Precious Jewels' for ladies. I had the privilege of reading this devotional and that it blessed me, is an understatement. Reading through it opened my eyes yet again to a lot of things about my identity in Christ. Every topic in the book was explained in a simple manner, and yet very deep truths were shared. Here are some profound truths as shared in the devotional: *God made you for a special purpose *God is very detailed about you and you are precious to him *We are called to know God *We love Him because He first loved us * I have the ability to speak and create And many more truths of God’s word. Today, I will be sharing with you, a portion of the book. To get the full experience of this powerful book, please click on this link .  THE REAL YOU So many ladies give a lot of time and attention to grooming their bodies. Almost al

5 things that Valentine's day is not

 Hello Ladies and girls, One of the reasons why some Christian circles frown at the idea of Valentine's day is the numerous atrocities that happens on this day. A lot of people have a warped mindset about what the day is about.  When I was in the University, I remember that Val's day was always a day when some ladies will go out in the night to God knows where and come back the following morning. On that night, if you walk round the campus, you will find campus couples in strategic places doing all sort of smooching with themselves. In fact we always joked about the way you will see some ladies walk in the hostel, days following the Val's day. We would say that they were walking that way because of the sexcapades that they were involved in, the previous night. When the purpose of a thing is not known, they say, abuse is inevitable. You can check my post here on 5 amazing things to do on Valentine's day.  In this post, we will be looking at 5 things that Val's day i

5 important things to do on Valentine's day

Hello Ladies and Girls, Hulalala, it's val season again. Love in da air🤣🤣😋. There are always a lot of talk about the origin of valentine and whether Christians should celebrate valentine or not, but I am not in for those talks today😋😋. This post is about 5 amazing things you can do on Valentine's day. 1. Thank God for His Love The highest and purest form of love is God's love to mankind. It was God's love to the world that made him to send Jesus to die for our sins. God loves the world, so much; everybody in the world. If you are a believer, you are no longer 'the world', you are His child, He can't love you less. He probably even loves you more. God loves you so much. He loves you deeply and passionately. Nobody can ever love you as much as God loves you. The highest revelation you can ever have, is the revelation of how God loves you. It will change everything for you. He who is forgiven much loves much. The goodness of God brings repentance Everyday