What is Accountability?

Hello ladies and girls,

What is accountability?

Today, I will be writing on an interesting topic: accountability.

*To be accountable means that your thoughts, words and actions are consistent and in alignment with one another. 

*An accountable person does not say one thing and mean another. 

What is accountability?

*An accountable person has integrity. 

*When you are accountable, you accept responsibility for your actions and for the results of your choices in life.

What is accountability?

I have realized that there is no way that one can achieve anything meaningful out of life, without being accountable.

Let's look at some practical scenarios and see what it means to be accountable in such scenarios.

1. In your place of work, or even as a student, there's a project you are supposed to do, but you are not able to do it because you don't know the steps to take to do it. Being accountable implies asking for help, reading materials, getting knowledge, sometimes even taking a course to learn how to execute the project. Not being accountable, will mean that you relax on the project, with the excuse that you are unable to do it and so just drop it.

2. You wake up all moody. Accountability will take responsibility for snapping out of that mood, by doing something that makes you happy; maybe listen to music, go for a walk etc, and not stay there  blaming someone for putting you in such a mood.

3. You have a goal, let's say of writing a book, or let's say you want to take your business to the next level, and then you are not making progress. You have gotten to the end of it and you don't even know what to do again. Accountability will make you sit up and ask yourself what the next thing is to do. Whether to take a writing course,  to retreat and be inspired, to get an accountability partner or to get a mentor or even a business coach.

As you can see from the given examples, being accountable applies to every aspect of one's life, and not just about smashing goals.

There are three aspects of accountability:

Accountability to yourself

Accountability to others 

Accountability to God

In the next article, we will consider what it means to be accountable to one's self.

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  1. Yes! As Christians, we should be reliable and trustworthy. It's awesome if you have a group of friends who can keep you accountable to live "worthy of your calling!"


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