Ladies on Purpose Interview with Omolola Victoria Ajide

Ladies on purpose

I met Omolola in church about 3 years ago and I can say that she is a lady on purpose. She has such a contagious passion for God and for ladies. She has got a load of values on her inside and we are so privileged to interview her on this platform.


My name is Omolola VickyTreasure Ajide from Kwara State Nigeria. 

The convener of God’s Outstanding Ladies Platform (GOL), A Baker and an Event PlanneršŸ˜

I Love to Sing, Write and Enlighten Ladies.


Let me put it this way, I wasn’t your typical arrogant, self-absorbed, rebellious teenager! I was actually quite the opposite; I was respectful, matured and pragmatic. 

I didn’t have insecurity issues, didn’t care about keeping up appearances, make-up or even dating!

More so, peer pressure was never ahn issue for me as long as I can remember, the ages of 14 – 18 Years was a very interesting time that I would wish to go back to if I had an opportunity.

I enjoyed School (Boarding House); I met so many people and learnt a lot. I was also my teachers' pet and I got along with virtually everyone who crossed my path, much older people though. 

Unlike most teenagers, I listened to the counsels my Mom gave me because I understood that she was much older and experienced than myself and I saw her as my role model and took to all her corrections so I wouldn’t learn the hard way.

Furthermore, I believed part of the reasons I was a well behaved Child/Teen was because my Mother raised me using an authoritative and instructive parenting style; if she instructed me not to do something, she would explain to me why I shouldn’t do that thing rather than just saying; ‘’I shouldn’t do it because she says so’’. That latter method never really works; she also treated me like a matured adult as long as I respected her. 

In return, I gained her trust, I was granted the freedom to do what I wanted to; and I was smart enough not to take wrong advantage of this opportunity either!

To sum it all up, I was a good kid that every other Parent was envious of and always used as a good example to their own Children.


In the year 2012, I perceived what God wanted for me and His purpose for my life. All I did continuously was to keep asking God for directions and ways to go about it. Years passed on and on then gradually still in the place of alignment I started to have a clearer picture of how exactly I should go about it.

Somehow I got the name Outstanding, then getting an award of the “Outstanding Female Student“ from University days sealed it all. Then in my fellowship someday the name “GOD'S OUTSTANDING LADIES “ popped up. 

Finally in 2018, December precisely I created a Group/Platform for Ladies and Young-wives with the aim of Creating the Right Mindset for All. The platform began and up till date God has helped us to grow both Spiritually and Numerically.

An awesome platform where Ladies are free to relate with each other without fear of being judged. Furthermore we are blessed with hard working Executives and a beautiful Matron.


Yes it is very possible to have a sexually pure relationship. You might wanna ask How?

Now relationships that are built on the fear of God works. Relationships that are boundary conscious works. Relationships that are mindful of not allowing their fellow brothers and sisters fall works .

It is very possible and it is important to keep a sexually pure relationship for the first obvious reason which is “Premarital sex is a Sin”: Sin against the body and Sin against the Holyspirit Himself.

Scriptures speaking 

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

More reasons why it is important to keep a sexually pure relationship includes:

•Less risk of getting STDs or having any baby out of Wedlock.

•Deeper respect earned from both partner and family members{In-laws}.

•Finally, Sexually pure relationship saves one from a soul tie. Truth be told soul ties are very real, that very moment you begin to have sex, you are not only bringing two bodies together you are joining two hearts, two souls and two spirits. Think about it.

There are reasons why you still feel tied or entangled or some sort of connections with someone you have shared bonds with, the reason why some break ups are so hard to get over. Many ladies even after realizing the right thing still get stuck on their past. In conclusion, By choosing to stay pure one can avoid all the above stated traumatizing acts and more.


Trusting God for that special person who you’ll feel safe around, that someone who would enhance your strength, one who shares your values and your goals; helping you to become more successful and one who makes you realise why it didn’t just work out with all the other so-called ‘mr. right’! Now, that’s actually a dream come true for many ladies.

In this present days and even due to societal standards and norms, the frustration of being single for a long time as a Lady, can cause one to masks her disappointment of not meeting ‘‘Mr. Right’’ by lying to herself and others, saying stuffs like; I don’t need a Man in my life, I don’t have time to date, or that most men are cheats, liars and players or all the good men have been taken and so on. A lot of single ladies who have let themselves get frustrated with been single are usually vulnerable. Sometimes, even unintentionally they may use their negative experiences to mislead other single ladies' mindset towards having a partner. That’s why I advice all single ladies to please try to avail themselves with at least one woman (preferably one in a happy relationship or a good marriage) in their circle of friends to offer them good counsel and mentorship.

It is said that; Good men are not easy to find, not even in this our present day society and so that is why I believe it is important that as a single lady, you leave the finding to God and do the trusting in God because if one is keen on doing the finding herself instead of trusting and waiting, one would definitely slip into desperation which would most likely lead to series of bad choices and decisions causing you to accept just anything and anyone especially ‘mr. wrong’, you end up shutting out ‘‘Mr. Right’’ unknown to you.

Furthermore, some of the things I would implore and encourage you to do as a single lady waiting for ‘’Mr Right’’ are;

Avoid allowing yourself to slip into frustration and loneliness.

This might contribute to helping you choose ‘‘Mr. Wrong’’. Frustration can even make you have a man in your Life for a show off, or to have an ATM Machine in him or you just put him as an option pending the time ‘‘Mr. Right’’ would show up! Please, do not do that, rather invest in yourself, How about working on being a better individual both in your personal and professional lives before being a great girlfriend/wife? Spend time asking yourself the tough questions like, where am I now? How do I want to grow? Invest time in growing and being better. And bear in mind that being gracefully and peacefully single is better than been unhappily hitched. 

Never go to Church with the aim or mindset of finding ‘‘Mr. Right’’. 

You probably have heard about series of relationship tales surrounding religious gathering and just then you decide to start a show off party in Church. Yes, Christian men are expected to operate based on godly principles but they are also fallible and make mistakes, so my darling; go to the Church with the aim of developing and strengthening your relationship with God, Embrace and love who you are as a daughter of the most high God. When a woman knows who she is and embraces her flaws regardless of what anyone else thinks, it is one of the most powerful things she can ever do for herself and her potential partner.

Be clear on what you want

Don’t spend all your time chasing life or rushing to get things checked off your to-do list without first knowing your WHY. Often times, we rush into relationships without being clear on what we want in our relationships and why we want it.  Because your childhood best friend is getting married this year doesn’t mean you should too, everything comes with timing. Spend time to get clear on what you want so that you will be better able to bring value to your next relationship.

Make the most of being single

Dearie, singleness is not a disease, neither is it a sin. Being married is good especially when you marry right, but being single has it’s perks too. So while in the process of waiting, enjoy your single life, gather purpose, make moves on how you perceive your future to look before ‘‘Mr. Right’’ arrives. Be the best you can already, lay great foundations even for your Children yet unborn. (Remember, once you get hitched, every major decisions in your life now requires consultation, so now that you are free as you please, why not enjoy that privilege!)

Last but not the least, work towards getting to know God personally, have a practical working, talking relationship with God. He would definitely order your steps towards where you should be positioned to be seen by the long awaited ‘‘Mr Right’’ when he shows up.

Thank you for your time.

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