Book excerpt: God made sex by Abe Akintunde

Some months ago, I read a powerful book, 'God made Sex' written by Abe Akintunde, a beloved brother in Christ.

The book is such an eye opening revelational book about God's idea for sex. 

Today, I will be sharing with you, a portion of the book. To get the full experience of this powerful book, you can click on this link.

What should be the attitude of young people to sex?

A lot of changes takes place in the body of a young person at puberty, and very significant among these changes are the raging hormones. There is always a constant tussle between following the direction of these raging hormones and pleasing God, even though they have attended symposiums, conferences, youth camp meetings and have learnt sexual purity and all those important basics. The silent question  in  their  minds  now  is "How  do  I  manage  these feelings  I  experience  from time to time?" The things I will be sharing now are not commandments but if taken importantly, it will help young people to live sexually pure. 

1. You should have a good and healthy opinion about it

This task should be undertaken by  parents  (this  will  be discussed  further), but even  if they default, reading this book now, as well as other Christian literatures is one of the ways God is positioning you to be rightly informed. 

2. You should anticipate it

Yes,  it  is  good!  Teenagers  should  not  be  taught to block their minds about it or resist any form of discussion about sex. We all  know that the more you do, the stronger the urge becomes. In fact, trying to distract your mind from it is  one of the indirect ways of focusing on it. The Nigerian  society has a very different opinion concerning  sex. Even adults hardly talk about it,  how much less young  people.  Young  Christians  should talk about sex, only that the talk  should be a  healthy, educative and edifying one.

3. You should know your body and its physiology

By  doing  this,  you  won't  fight  yourself  over  what  is normal and you won't be taken advantage of as well. It is amazing today that a lot of young people don't know how the body works. As a young fellow, even if what you are studying in school is not related to biology/science, there are  some  basic  things  which  you  should  know  about your body. Go for knowledge and you won't be exploited.

4. Join a group that believes and maintains sexual purity

This helps a lot, when young people who  share the same vision of staying sexually pure meet from time to time and share  with one another, about their challenges, victories, lessons the Holy Spirit is  teaching them about self control etc. 

5. You should not just sit and be waiting and fantasizing

Engage yourself actively in God, your purpose and career. As a rule, the mind cannot be fixed on too many things at the same time. If youths just fix their mind overly on sex, it  will  hasten  them  to  want  to  marry  quickly  at  the expense  of  other  good  reasons.  There  are  many  other useful  ventures  in  which  a  young  person  can  get involved  in  and  be  creative  at  and  even  earn  from.  A youth can acquire skills such as: 
  • Learning  ICT and its  various uses such as Photoshop design,  code writing, forex trading, etc. 
  • Learning  sports  such  as  chess,  football,  tennis, basketball,  etc.
  • Learning musical instruments.
  • Acquiring  skills  such  as  tailoring,  hair  making, catering,  etc.

6. You should submit your sexuality to the Holy Spirit.

I  have one common quote which is "Sexual  urge  is  strong but not powerful than  the  Holy  Spirit". Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; You are his house. Knowing this and having an understanding of it will help you a lot. He resides  in  you,  he  controls  and  runs  it,  and  he will  never let  fire  raze  down his house. This  is  if  you  submit the ownership of your house  to  him indeed and you're not imprisoning  him. Some believers are actually a prison to the Holy Spirit and not a house. How many things can an individual do in prison than to just lie dormant and sleep? 

7. You should engage the weapon of your mouth

Whenever  there  is  that  desire  to  do  wrong and the urge seems irresistible, that  is  a  very  good  time to confess the word of God to yourself. Do you know what confession is? It  came  from  the  Greek  word  "homologia" which simply means the same word". In other words, you are  saying again what has been said. So who said it initially? It is God, and you are now saying that same word to yourself.  This is  simply  what  confession  is  about.  Believe  me,  it  is powerful and it works because the word you are repeating has the same potency in your mouth just exactly like it had when God said it. Even if it appears like you are failing, if it appears  like  you are losing  the battle  and  it  is  simply not working,  just go ahead and keep confessing  the  word  of God  to  yourself. Don't  ever  stop!  Let  me  give  you  an example. The Word of God says in 1 John 4:4 
"Ye are of God, little children and have overcome them, for greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world"

Therefore, I declare that I am an overcomer over lust and unholy desires in the name of Jesus .  

8. You should constantly listen to messages

It  works! This  is  the  solution  to  the  problem  of  many  people.  You should constantly plug your ears and listen attentively to the  word of God taught by his  anointed  servants.  Listen till  you  fall  asleep  and  wake  up  still  listening.  There  is  no way  you  will  do  this  an d  still  experience  sexual harassment  in  your  dreams. and powerful..." Heb 4:12 . "The  word of God is  living Yes, it is. Furthermore, this is the best way to renew your mind if you have had a rough sexual past and have engaged in a lot of sexual  sins  especially  pornography  and  there  are  many sexual  images  that  appear  stuck  to  your  mind  even  after you  have  repented  and  have  made  resolutions.  Do  not doubt if your repentance  and  salvation was genuine. It is, but the issue is that it was your spirit man that experienced an  instantaneous  rebirth.  Your  mind  and  body  remained the  same,  so  it  is  now  your  responsibility  to  consciously work on them and align them to the new realities in your spirit. Listening to messages constantly is one of the ways of working on your mind. By the law of substitution, the word of God gradually displaces the corruption in your mind and then  replace  them. This  goes  on  and  on  till  your  mind becomes filled with beautiful and gracious information. 

9. You should develop Christ esteem

This is  so  crucial.  It  means  that  you  now  see  yourself  in that  image  that  Christ  gave  you  and  your  confidence emanates  from  it.  Beyond  this,  you  then  have  the understanding of how precious you are because the most expensive price in the universe was paid to buy you (your body,  soul  and  spirit).  Therefore,  you  do  not  disrespect your body or allow anyone to do the same because it now belongs  to  the Lord, your  God.  This  fundamental understanding alone will affect a lot of things about how you conduct yourself.

10. You should relate with others in the Love of God

 This  simply  means  you  see  people  as  God  sees  them. Unbelievers  do  not  know  that  Christ  died  for  them  and so  they live anyhow without understanding but you are privileged  to  know  this,  so  relate  with  them  in honour and  love  as  people  who  Christ  died  for,  especially  the opposite sex. Learn to relate with them in the love of God having  the  understanding  that  the  fellow  is  a  son  or daughter  of  God  (if  born  again)  or  a  potential  son  and daughter  of  God  (if  not  yet  born  again).  This understanding will  not  make  you  offer  yourself  cheaply in fornication or take advantage of another.

The author, Abe Akintunde is a  believer  in  Christ. He coordinates  Sophia Realms,  a  Christian group dedicated to relationship and family matters, which has a blog and WhatsApp platform where speakers  are  invited to teach. He has spoken as a guest speaker on several platforms concerning  relationship and some other aspects such as self-development,  health talks  and love  for  God;  and  has also been  privileged  to  mentor  young  people  to  honour  God  with their  sexuality. He is a medic and a lover of the chess game.


This book is written for and to that  youth  who  is  about  to explore sex, to the youth who has  been  muddled  up and entangled in sexual perversion  and  wants  to  be free,  to  the  youth  who  has  a vague idea about sex and why it even exists in the first place and to the parent who has a teenage daughter or son. This book you are holding has  answers  to  some  questions  that have  been  in  your  heart concerning  sex. It  also  brings  enlightenment  about  its  purpose, consequences  of  its  abuse  and  how  to  use  this  creation  of  God according to his master plan. You can purchase your copy here.


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