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What does it mean to accountable to people?

In this article, you will learn about accountability to people.  Self Accountability  is important but it is not sufficient. There's need to be accountable to other people. Accountability to  people is a great tool for growth. Accountability to other people does not mean that you do not believe in yourself. It only means that you care so much about your goals and you are ready to put everything in place to achieve them. Do you know that there is a drive that you have, to achieve a goal, if you know that there are some people that you have to report to, or that there are some people you are responsible for, and that are watching behind you? Everyone needs to be accountable to people. Categories of people to be accountable to includes your parents, your family members, your friends, your pastors,  your colleagues, your mentors, your coaches and your teachers. As a married person, you should be accountable to your spouse and your children.  Accountability partnership is also an import

How can you be accountable to yourself?

In my last post, I wrote about what it means to be accountable . When we hear accountability, the first thing that comes to mind is being accountable to someone. That's very important, but I like to say that its important to be accountable to yourself first. Accountability to self will propel you to seek to be accountable to other people. When you take 100 percent responsibility for holding yourself accountable, your performance will improve, your relationships will flourish,   and your self esteem will grow. Your life is your life. It's nobody else's life. You need to be responsible for it. You need to take charge of it. When you are held accountable, you will be able to achieve whatever you wish to achieve. Being accountable to self simply means that you are ready to take responsibility for however your life turns out, not blaming any external factor for whatever happens to you. By being accountable to self, you are saying, no longer will life just happen to you. You are

Book excerpt: God made sex by Abe Akintunde

Some months ago, I read a powerful book, ' God made Sex' written by  Abe Akintunde, a beloved brother in Christ. The book is such an eye opening revelational book about God's idea for sex.  Today, I will be sharing with you, a portion of the book. To get the full experience of this powerful book, you can click on this link . What should be the attitude of young people to sex? A lot of changes takes place in the body of a young person at puberty, and very significant among these changes are the raging hormones. There is always a constant tussle between following the direction of these raging hormones and pleasing God, even though they have attended symposiums, conferences, youth camp meetings and have learnt sexual purity and all those important basics. The silent question  in  their  minds  now  is "How  do  I  manage  these feelings  I  experience  from time to time?" The things I will be sharing now are not commandments but if taken importantly, it will help you

What is Accountability?

Hello ladies and girls, Today, I will be writing on an interesting topic: accountability. *To be accountable means that your thoughts, words and actions are consistent and in alignment with one another.  *An accountable person does not say one thing and mean another.  *An accountable person has integrity.  *When you are accountable, you accept responsibility for your actions and for the results of your choices in life. I have realized that there is no way that one can achieve anything meaningful out of life, without being accountable. Let's look at some practical scenarios and see what it means to be accountable in such scenarios. 1. In your place of work, or even as a student, there's a project you are supposed to do, but you are not able to do it because you don't know the steps to take to do it. Being accountable implies asking for help, reading materials, getting knowledge, sometimes even taking a course to learn how to execute the project. Not being accountable, will m

Ladies on Purpose Interview with Omolola Victoria Ajide

I met Omolola in church about 3 years ago and I can say that she is a lady on purpose. She has such a contagious passion for God and for ladies. She has got a load of values on her inside and we are so privileged to interview her on this platform. *CAN WE MEET YOU?* My name is Omolola VickyTreasure Ajide from Kwara State Nigeria.  The convener of God’s Outstanding Ladies Platform (GOL), A Baker and an Event PlanneršŸ˜ I Love to Sing, Write and Enlighten Ladies. *WHAT WAS YOUR TEENAGE YEARS LIKE?* Let me put it this way, I wasn’t your typical arrogant, self-absorbed, rebellious teenager! I was actually quite the opposite; I was respectful, matured and pragmatic.  I didn’t have insecurity issues, didn’t care about keeping up appearances, make-up or even dating! More so, peer pressure was never ahn issue for me as long as I can remember, the ages of 14 – 18 Years was a very interesting time that I would wish to go back to if I had an opportunity. I enjoyed School (Boarding House); I met so