Two attitudes you should have as you enter the new year

Hello ladies and girls, 

Yipee, the year is coming to an end, it's something to really be happy about and look forward to. Every new year, every new week, every new day is always an opportunity to make changes, retreat, adjust and move. 

Personally, I look forward to weekends, because it's always an opportunity to amend the mistakes I made the previous week, make corrections and implement in the new week. And that's the same with a new year.  Just imagine if there was nothing called new, and we are just living on and on like that, we will be so bored😄. There's something about newness and God is a very wise God to have planned it all that way.

Times and seasons are in his hands. Glory💃.

The end of the year and the coming of a new year therefore is a big deal. It's not something to take casually. It's an opportunity given by God for us, to make changes, to make adjustments, to think again, to replan, and to restrategize. 

And you know what, God gave us such of these opportunities, severally within a year; new months, new weeks, new days. Yes, several opportunities to replan and restrategize such that you don't need to wait till December.

What are the attitudes to have as you enter the new year?

1. Gratitude

Two attitudes you should have as you enter the new year

The fact that God gave us these opportunities is enough to be grateful.

And then, we have to be grateful for how the year has been. We all know that year 2020 was a different year. It was a year. The whole world shook this year, the mighty fell, the world did not remain the same, but  despite all, you are here.

Should you not be grateful?

It's a time for gratitude,  a time  to  look back and express gratitude to God. One thing I have realized is that the devil does not want you to be grateful to God, because he knows that the posture of gratitude is very powerful. It opens you up to more. Since the devil does not want this, he tries to fill your heart with one thousand and one reasons why you should not be grateful, but you are not going to allow that. You are a grateful child. You will go back and say thank you. You will not be like the lepers that didn't go back. From now, I like you to have an heart of thanksgiving

 See, there's no cause for alarm.

Even if there was a goal that was not achieved this year, at least you are alive and another opportunity is presenting itself, so rejoice. Go about with rejoicing and with thanksgiving to God. In that correct attitude of gratefulness, it's easier to plan for the year.

2. Don't enter the new year casually

Two attitudes you should have as you enter the new year

This applies to not just the new year, but every new month, every new week, every new day. Don't enter them casually.

How do you enter then?

Enter with a word from the Lord

Remember, He has times and seasons in His hands.

He knows what season you will be entering into at every times of your life and it's important for you to  know as well.

For some of us, the new year will be continuation of a season that has started in our lives this year. For some, the new year will be an entrance into another season.

As much as it's time to decorate, time to merry, time to visit and all, you must come into awareness of what the Lord has in stock for the new year. Plan a time before the end of the year to retreat. Retreat means stopping and pulling back a bit.

To see where you are,  where you are going and how you would get there.

In the pomp and paegentry, have silent moments. Don't be carried away by the frenzy of the atmosphere. Take out time to get a word from God. Get a direction for the year. Get blueprints. More than what you want to do, know what God will have you do.

This will be my last post for the year 2020.

It was an awesome year with you. I look forward to serving you again next year.

I love you greatly



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