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Two attitudes you should have as you enter the new year

Hello ladies and girls,  Yipee, the year is coming to an end, it's something to really be happy about and look forward to. Every new year, every new week, every new day is always an opportunity to make changes, retreat, adjust and move.  Personally, I look forward to weekends, because it's always an opportunity to amend the mistakes I made the previous week, make corrections and implement in the new week. And that's the same with a new year.  Just imagine if there was nothing called new, and we are just living on and on like that, we will be so bored😄. There's something about newness and God is a very wise God to have planned it all that way. Times and seasons are in his hands. Glory💃. The end of the year and the coming of a new year therefore is a big deal. It's not something to take casually. It's an opportunity given by God for us, to make changes, to make adjustments, to think again, to replan, and to restrategize.  And you know what, God gave us such of t