God helped us to overcome our challenges- Damilola


Welcome again to our sexual purity testimony segment on this blog. 

The aim of this segment is to share testimonies of how ladies kept a sexually pure courtship with their fiance and to also let you know that some people are still choosing to be pure in the midst of the things that goes on in the society.

Even if along your sexual purity journey, you made some errors, you can always make amends and choose to do things rightly.

Meet our guests for today:


Damilola and Akinyemi Akinmola

Damilola speaks:

It is a thing of joy for me that I was able to keep my virginity all through  my teenage years. I promised myself that I would keep my virginity till marriage; maybe I should have promised myself to keep my lips too. I however thank God for His mercy.

Akinyemi speaks: 

The journey started three years ago at Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ikole campus to be precise. It all started as a brother and sister relationship in the fellowship because as at then, she was a worker in the drama unit while I was the head of the unit. Fortunately we also stayed in the same lodge, so we go to fellowship together and do so many things together. 

The feelings set in exactly three years ago, I began to see some virtues in her, and my eyes began to open, so I prayed to God for guidance.

Thank God I was able to discern what was coming my way on time. One of my convictions was that I usually experience peace of mind anytime I think about our future together.


During our courtship, there were challenges in terms of our emotions but God helped us to overcame them.

Though we made up our minds that premarital sex won't happen, I won't deceive you that the urge did not come. It did, but by the determination and help of God it didn't happen.

How did you overcome the challenges?

After we realized some of our mistakes, we prayed and we decided to set boundaries.

At a time, we were far away from each other, but anytime we had the opportunity to meet, we always spend the night in different places.

Also, we always pray and study together. We don't joke with prayers. Anytime we are together anywhere, we always try to find time for prayers. We also read books, most especially on relationship. 

Any regrets?

No regrets whatsoever. We both got married as virgins.

Useful info

Your spiritual growth is the most important during your courtship. No matter what, please don't joke with it. It will guide you all through the journey. That was what helped us. Don't forget the the spiritual controls the physical.


  1. Thanks for sharing ma. Thank you for giving us the privilege to share our testimony ma, you are blessed, God will continue to increase you ma


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