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Welcome again to our sexual purity testimony segment on this blog. 

The aim of this segment is to share testimonies of how ladies kept a sexually pure courtship with their fiance and to also let you know that some people are still choosing to be pure in the midst of the things that goes on in the society.

Meet our guests for today:

Hello, my name is Dorcas Omodieke and I am married to August Omodieke (The best gift God has given me after salvation and the Holy Spirit).


This is our third year of marriage. God has been good to us. Most of our courtship was long distance, though towards the end (final six months), we got to stay in the same city 'Gboko', and then the last two months, he relocated to Abuja.

When we started our courtship, we were both in Gboko. We were colleagues and met at the work place before sparks began to fly, hallelujah. Then he got transferred to Borno, Maidiguri. I was still in Gboko so we had that long distance relationship. Sometimes he would come over to Gboko, sometimes I would have a meeting at our HQ in Abuja and we would meet there, but we were constantly communicating using Skype, WhatsApp. It was a long distance relationship but it was a good one. 

Challenges along the line

At the point the crisis in Maidiguri heated up, one blast after the other, he asked for a transfer from there and he was declined so he resigned. During the period, he couldn't get a job immediately, so he moved back to Gboko. We were doing church together and he started some side business. That was when temptation came and that was the same year we got married though we got married in December and he resigned from the job January. So, it was towards the early part of the year that there was temptation. 

Practical steps you took

One of the things that helped us was that we had a pastor we were submitted to. I would call him and tell him "Pastor please help, something wants to happen"

It made us more cautious because we knew that there was someone we had to report to  and what were we going to say. It really helped us. We were so vulnerable and open with him, we didn't sugar coat anything and with that he gave us sound counsel.

At a point, we had to learn to set boundaries. Initially, we were free with each other but when we discovered things were getting dangerous we had to set boundaries.

Don't make the mistake of saying after all I'm the mama, I'm the papa, so nothing will happen. My dear something will happen infact many things will happen because you love that person and you're attracted to that person.

So the main things that helped us were

1. Initial long distance

2. Accountability to our pastor

3. Boundaries.

We mutually put the boundaries and so were able to help each other

Any regret for making the decision, now that you are married

No regrets whatsoever

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