10 ways to make maximum use of your teen and single years.

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Peradventure some of you have been wondering what exactly to use your teenage and single years for? An answer has come.

How to make maximum use of your teen and single years

Your teen and single years are so precious and should be greatly maximized. During these period, the things that you do, the decisions that you make will have a great impact on the quality of your life in the future. And this is a period where really, you wanna explore, you wanna do all the things that your friends are doing. 

As much as you should have maximal fun this period, you must also have maximum investment of your time into things that will matter for you in the future. 

So, having said all these, what should you spend your teenage and single years doing?

1. Building a relationship with God

How to make maximum use of your teen and single years

This is the time to take praying and reading your Bible serious. This is also time to study books, characters and topics in the Bible as well as time to read several spiritual books that can aid your spiritual growth. Spend time praying in tongues, spend time meditating on and confessing God's word. 

I always say something and I still say it, 'If you don't have a working relationship with God as a single person, you cannot have one as a married person'. 

2. Devoting yourself to service in your local church

Your teen and single years is also a time to devote yourself to serving God. Maximize opportunities to serve the Lord. Your local church can be a very good place to start. Use your gifts and your skills in church. Sometimes, the demands of motherhood can deny you this opportunity for a while. There is a time for everything. This is the time to start to lay the foundation of service without holding back.

2.  Enjoying godly friendships and relationships.

How to make maximum use of your teen and single years

Your teenage and single years are years to build strong and godly friendships with both boys and girls. It's a time to play and have fun, but not just with one guy trying to hoard you and use your body. Build quality friendships with godly boys and girls. Build friends with people that will contribute value to your life. 

4. Submitting to mentorship relationships

Another important relationship that must be built during this single and teenage years are mentorship relationships. This is a time to submit to people that you can learn from. As a teenage girl or a young lady, there's a lot to learn from those who have gone ahead of you. Don't be an island. Don't choose to go through what some others have gone through before. Let an older godly lady or woman guide you through with her own experience and with her relationship with God.

5. Developing yourself intellectually

 Hey lady, you have all the time now to read books, novels, educational books, courses, etc. This is the time to develop yourself intellectually. Nowadays, opportunities abound, especially with the use of internet. Nobody has an excuse for ignorance. How well are you maximizing the opportunities around you? Ditch using your time for frivolous social media activities. Now is the time to take serious your intellectual development.

6. Knowing yourself

How to make maximum use of your teen and single years

As a teenage girl, your journey of self discovery just started.

Being in a purposeless and romantic relationship at this time, will deprive you the opportunity of really knowing yourself. 

Do you know your purpose?

Do you know what you want to do in future?

Do you even know your talents?

This is a time to really know what is it that your life entails.

Use this time to set on the journey of self discovery and understanding purpose. Please click here and here for articles that can help.

 8.  Acquiring skills

Yes, this is time to learn several things, and thank God for this age, the internet age where you have access to several things online. A lot of these are even for free:  free courses, free baking skills, free culinary skills, free graphic design skills, coaching, a lot of information is present online and at very little or no cost. There's nothing you cannot learn on Google or on YouTube. 

9. Giving and volunteering

Your teen and single years are also the time to volunteer for a cause that you are passionate about. It's time to visit the orphanage, to visit that correctional centre, to visit the prison, to teach those children in your street, to engage in community outreaches.

10. Developing godly characters and virtues

This is also the time to consciously work on your characters. It's the time to learn from older women that can help you in your character building.

Can you see that there are so many things you can learn in your teenage and single years?

The quality of your teenage and single years can have an effect on your adulthood, so be deliberate about how you maximize this period.

Please feel free to contact me for any further help. 

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 I love you.

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