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10 ways to make maximum use of your teen and single years.

Hallo ladies and girls, How are you doing today? Today, I will be writing on an interesting topic.  Peradventure some of you have been wondering what exactly to use your teenage and single years for? An answer has come. Your teen and single years are so precious and should be greatly maximized. During these period, the things that you do, the decisions that you make will have a great impact on the quality of your life in the future. And this is a period where really, you wanna explore, you wanna do all the things that your friends are doing.  As much as you should have maximal fun this period, you must also have maximum investment of your time into things that will matter for you in the future.  So, having said all these, what should you spend your teenage and single years doing? 1. Building a relationship with God This is the time to take praying and reading your Bible serious. This is also time to study books, characters and topics in the Bible as well as time to read several spiritu

There was temptation, but...........Dorcas Omodieke

Hello, Welcome again to our sexual purity testimony segment on this blog.  The aim of this segment is to share testimonies of how ladies kept a sexually pure courtship with their fiance and to also let you know that some people are still choosing to be pure in the midst of the things that goes on in the society. Meet our guests for today: Hello, my name is Dorcas Omodieke and I am married to August Omodieke (The best gift God has given me after salvation and the Holy Spirit). Testimony This is our third year of marriage. God has been good to us. Most of our courtship was long distance, though towards the end (final six months), we got to stay in the same city 'Gboko', and then the last two months, he relocated to Abuja. When we started our courtship, we were both in Gboko. We were colleagues and met at the work place before sparks began to fly, hallelujah. Then he got transferred to Borno, Maidiguri. I was still in Gboko so we had that long distance relationship. Sometimes he w