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How can I maintain a sexually pure relationship?

Hello lady, How have you been? I have missed you (covering faces).  So, for a while now, I have been writing about sexual purity.  Today, I will be writing specifically on how to maintain a sexually pure relationship. I think that one of the major challenges that people in courtship faces, is maintaining sexual purity.  There's no doubt that God's will for us is to be sexually pure. I have addressed this in my previous post . We are sexual beings and when you are in love with someone, that sexuality wants to find expression in displaying your love to that person.  However, for a believer in Christ, such expressions should wait till the right time before they are allowed to find expression. The right time is marriage.  So, how do you then maintain sexual purity in your relationship? 1.  Have a clear purpose for your relationship and even for your future marriage You have to settle the issue of purpose. Why are you in a relationship with him? Answers to that question w