How can I be sexually pure in a sexually impure world 1?

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In my last post, I explained a bit on the concept of sexual purity. I hope you enjoyed the article. You can find it here.

Today, I will be writing on how to be sexually pure in this sexually impure world.
How can I be sexually pure in a sexually impure world ?

The truth is that this world is sexually impure. In every corner and in every angle, lies the opportunity to trade ones sexual purity. It takes a really strong conviction and a conscious step to remain sexually pure till marriage. 

What are these steps that you ought to take?

1. Know what you want

How can I be sexually pure in a sexually impure world?

Be very certain about what you want, and in fact why you want it. Like I said in my previous post, sexual purity does not jump on you. You need to decide what you want. If you leave it to chance, you will eventually fall because the temptation is real. Be very certain of what you want. You can in fact articulate your decision (put it into writing). Be very sure about it. Have a deep seated conviction on what you want and why  you want it. Be willing to share with people around you.

2. Purpose in your heart (Determination)

How can I be sexually pure in a sexually impure world?

After knowing what you want, you need to purpose in your heart. To purpose in your heart is to be strongly determined and resolute. Taking actions to being sexually pure starts with purposing in your heart. Let me share a scripture with you.

But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank; therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.
Daniel 1:8 NKJV 

From this scripture, we see that Daniel purposed (determined, resolved) in his heart, that he will not eat a portion of the king's meat and therefore he took some actions.

What actions are expected of you to take as you purpose in your heart?

That leads me to the next step:

3. Be careful what you feed your heart

How can I be sexually pure in a sexually impure world ?

The heart plays a crucial role in maintaining sexual purity. 

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.
Proverbs 4:23 NKJV

It is evident from the above scripture that our experiences in any area of our life is greatly linked to the contents of our heart. 
Nobody falls into sexual sins, you walk into it. It is commonly due to a careless thought not properly dealt with. We are therefore saddled with the responsibility of guarding our hearts.

There are basically five windows to the heart; eye (sight), ear (hearing), skin (feelings/touching), mouth (talking/kissing), nose (smelling).

Let's talk about the eyes
The Eye is an important opening to the mind because sexuality is strongly tied to what we see. Choosing to see rightly can therefore help to avoid unnecessary sexual thoughts.

I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? Job 31:1 KJV

Job showed us here that what we look at produces thoughts in our minds.

What do you keep feeding your eyes on? Romance novels? Pornography? Sex filled movies? 
You need to make a covenant with your eyes dear lady. The more you fill your eyes with these things, the farther you are from being sexually pure. Sexual purity starts from your thoughts.

Let's talk about the ears
The ears can lead to sexual thoughts when we listen to worldly or let me say sexually inclined  lyrics or words. As a lady, you are very affected by what you hear. In relationships, as much as we need to say nice things, we should avoid words that promote erotic feelings in the name of being romantic.

Let's talk about the skin
This is responsible for physical feelings of touch. If not properly used, it can be an instrument in the hand of the devil. There is a way to touch and be touched by an opposite sex who is not your wife/husband.

Let's talk about the mouth
The mouth can be an entry for sexual thoughts when used for sexual activities that should be done within the confines of marriage. Another way it can be an entry for sexual thoughts is through the use of  our tongues. 

Scripture described the tongue as a little member that is capable of controlling the whole body.

Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles!
James 3:5 NKJV

Lastly, let's talk about the nose
At first, I was wondering how this applies, but then, this scripture explains it all.

I have perfumed my bed With myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
Proverbs 7:17 NKJV

In this scripture, perfuming her bed was one of the strategy of the crafty harlot in that scripture to lure a man.

If you are in place where the fragrances and perfumes are sending wrong signals to your body, and wrong thoughts to your heart, please kindly flee.

Personally, I have had to flee when a certain kind of light in a room was giving me some sorts of feelings and thoughts.

I believe you have been blessed by this article. Please kindly let me know your thoughts on the comment section.

I will continue the series in my next post.

Till then, be sure that I love you.


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