Book review: Mother and Daughter, Teaching her about her Realities in Christ


Finally, the e-book is ready.

It's about teaching your daughter and of course your son about her realities in Christ Jesus.

I am very passionate about intentional parenting. As a matter of fact, I started to teach my children lessons from the Bible since day 1 after they were born. I didn't care whether or not they understood me. All I knew was that they definitely heard me and seeds were been sown in their heart. 

I teach them Bible Lessons and I teach them memory verses. I also teach them about their realities in Christ Jesus. Even though, they are not yet born again, I feel that it's good for them to already know about the life of Christ they would eventually receive.
Personally, knowledge of my realities in Christ Jesus improved my relationship with God and that's why I decided to introduce it to my children even at an early age.

Mother and Daughter is a book that has been put together to help moms teach their daughters these realities, and of course their sons too.

This book contain scriptures about your realities in Christ, memory verse for your child to learn as well as her confessions.

My desire is that through the pages of this book, the life of Christ will be made known to your child.
You can access the book on this link freely.


  1. Thank for sharing this with the world, very thoughtful. A lot of parents will find this book helpful and it will sure be a blessing to the children too.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment sis. Amen!!!


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