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My testimony- God is reliable

Hello sweet sis, I trust that you were blessed by the last testimony.  So today, I will be bringing on one more testimony, before we move on to other matters. I am hoping that I would eventually have that final release in my spirit to compile them all together. As soon as I am done with that, I will definitely share with you here. This testimony is about the efficacy of God's word. One thing that I have come to learn in my little walk with God is that God's word has integrity. So, since I graduated from the University. I desired so much to do my masters degree outside Nigeria. Immediately after graduation, I registered for the necessary examinations. No admission came forth until 2014 (how the admission came is a story for another day😄). After I secured the admission, funding became a really big issue. However, just at that time, there was an opportunity to apply for a fund in my place of work. I maximized the opportunity and then after several months of waiting, the money was

My testimony- God is faithful

Hello sweet, I hope you are doing well. How's this season going with you? Don't forget that you can always connect with me personally at any point in time, should you need help or counsel concerning any life issue. Yaay, so my birthday is this month..(singing and dancing) and since the 1st of May, I started a look back and thanksgiving journaling. It's being amazing. God's faithfulness has been made so glaring to me again. God is good. I can say that over and over again. Since the journaling began, I have shared some very powerful testimonies to the faithfulness of God. Today, I like to share some with you as well, because you are my special people. Story Alert!!! First, let me start with how God gave me a first class in my bachelor's degree. Sometimes, in 400 level, I started desiring to graduate with a first class honours. I was quite close to it and I thought that it would be a very good thing, especially since my dream job was to teach in a University. I calcula

Book review: Mother and Daughter, Teaching her about her Realities in Christ

Yaay, Finally, the e-book is ready. It's about teaching your daughter and of course your son about her realities in Christ Jesus. I am very passionate about intentional parenting. As a matter of fact, I started to teach my children lessons from the Bible since day 1 after they were born. I didn't care whether or not they understood me. All I knew was that they definitely heard me and seeds were been sown in their heart.  I teach them Bible Lessons and I teach them memory verses. I also teach them about their realities in Christ Jesus. Even though, they are not yet born again, I feel that it's good for them to already know about the life of Christ they would eventually receive. Personally, knowledge of my realities in Christ Jesus improved my relationship with God and that's why I decided to introduce it to my children even at an early age. Mother and Daughter is a book that has been put together to help moms teach their daughters these realities, and of course their son