We got married after courting for 5 years, 1 month and 12 days- Oreoluwa

It's testimony time

Welcome again to share your sexual purity testimony segment on Poise. It's been a while ehn...

Just to remind you, this segment started as a way of letting young ladies know that a sexually pure courtship is possible and achievable. Not every lady out there is allowing just any guy to go down with her.
As a matter of fact, most of my friends, practised sexual purity as singles, and they are beautiful, classy, intelligent and spiritual ladies.
If it's hard for you to find ladies in your circle of friends that can encourage your sexual purity journey, maybe you need to change that circle, and renew your mind!!!
You can find here, an article on how far is to far in a Christ courtship.

So today, permit me to introduce to you the SPT couple; Oreoluwa and Olakunmi Bolaji.
These beautiful couple are my close family
whose wedding took my husband and I out of honeymoon...lol..
There courtship was a perfectly pure one, an example for young ones to follow.

Watch this space as they share their testimonies!!

Oreoluwa and Olakunmi Bolaji


I resolved in my heart to stay sexually pure as a result of series of times of consecration and commitment to God to honour Him with my body. I enjoyed God's grace and was able to stay true to this decision. We got married after courting for 5 years, 1month and 12days.


I  had also determined in my heart to be sexually pure and so meeting my fiance who had a similar mind, made our commitments stronger

Challenges along the line

The most challenging time was few months to our wedding, the desire to have one another grew. At this point, certain things kept us in check.

Practical steps you took

1. Our commitment to one another before God not to defile each other's body before marriage; we did not see fondling with each other's body at that phase as a show of love rather as defiling the Lord's temple.

2. We were sincere with each other hence we were able to put necessary boundaries in place.
3. We were accountable to our mentors.

4. We got ourselves busy with spiritual activities such as praying, listening to messages, reading books, going for meetings together.

Any regret for making the decision, now that you are married

No regrets by God's grace rather we are happy we waited because of the joy and fulfillment of waiting that we now have.

To share your testimony to encourage young people out there, please send a mail to oluwapelumi.adameji@gmail.com


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