How far is too far in a Christian Courtship?

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How far is too far in a Christian courtship? Of course we know we should not have sex, but can we kiss? Can we smooch? can we hold hands, can we peck? All sorts of can wes....🤣

Well, this  article is in no way to give you a set of rules and regulations as to what to do in your courtship but I believe that by the time you are through with reading, you will know what is far and what is not far in your courtship.

1. A Christian relationship should be devoid of sex. God's will is that sex only be within the confines of marriage. Having sex outside marriage is going against God's will and desire for sex and marriage. 

2. So, if you are serious about abstaining from sex, why engage in para sexual activities? It's absolutely unnecessary. I repeat, it is not necessary. Sex is not just the act of the body organs entering into one another. Sex starts from the mind. To be frank and sincere with you, if you have a pure mind towards your fiance, you will not engage in kissing and smooching one another. Smooching and caressing already gives a pointer to the state of your heart, which is not a pure state.

3. I have to be sincere with you lady.  How far you go, depends on how much value you place on your body. Your body is God's temple and should not be defiled. Your body should not be improperly touched by any man, that's not married to you. Even if he's your fiance, as long as you both are not married yet, you have a right to still preserve and control how he touches your body.
What if you eventually have like 3 relationships before you get married and then you allow the three of them to smooch, caress and kiss you! Think about that!!!. All of them would have touched and touched you, so what will remain for the original husband to touch? 🤷

4. I understand that some cultural settings greet by kissing one another on the cheeks. Yes, you can express yourself within the confines and acceptability of your cultural setting. 

5. Be careful about your testimony. People are watching you. If you call it a Christian courtship, you are setting an example for people to follow and can I tell you, they are following and observing. Don't do anything that you are not proud of. Don't do anything that you know you cannot say before the church elders. Don't do anything that you know and you are sure you will not be proud to talk about and encourage someone with. Some things are not wrong, but may be better avoided because of the image you might be painting to people around you. 

6. Rather than spend time smooching and caressing, there are productive things you should spend your time doing in courtship. If you focus on these things, there wouldn't be time for the extra curricular activities 🤣.

7. At the inception of your courtship, talk about boundaries you want to create in your courtship, what you want to do, and what you don't want to do. Don't leave it to chance. As you talk about it, also make strict guidelines on how to go about it.
Your boundaries communicate how much you value God. Ensure that you do not 

8. In marriage, you will kiss, smooch, caress and in fact be tired sometimes. Why not leave the smooching and let him have something to look forward to? Why not allow him put the ring in your fingers before you allow him access to your body?Why not carry yourself as a scarce commodity that is not readily available!!

I wish to hear from you concerning this topic. Feel free to drop your comments.

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