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We got married after courting for 5 years, 1 month and 12 days- Oreoluwa

It's testimony time Welcome again to share your sexual purity testimony segment on Poise. It's been a while ehn... Just to remind you, this segment started as a way of letting young ladies know that a sexually pure courtship is possible and achievable. Not every lady out there is allowing just any guy to go down with her. As a matter of fact, most of my friends, practised sexual purity as singles, and they are beautiful, classy, intelligent and spiritual ladies. If it's hard for you to find ladies in your circle of friends that can encourage your sexual purity journey, maybe you need to change that circle, and renew your mind!!! You can find here , an article on how far is to far in a Christ courtship. So today, permit me to introduce to you the SPT couple; Oreoluwa and Olakunmi Bolaji . These beautiful couple are my close family whose wedding took my husband and I out of There courtship was a perfectly pure one, an example for young ones t

How far is too far in a Christian Courtship?

Hello lady, How are you?  Don't forget that am your go-to-girl if you need someone to talk to, concerning any issue that might be bothering you.  So, let's get to tonight's gist!!! I get to hear this question everytime! How far is too far in a Christian courtship?  Of course we know we should not have sex, but can we kiss? Can we smooch? can we hold hands, can we peck? All sorts of can wes....🤣 Well, this  article is in no way to give you a set of rules and regulations as to what to do in your courtship but I believe that by the time you are through with reading, you will know what is far and what is not far in your courtship. 1. A Christian relationship should be devoid of sex. God's will is that sex only be within the confines of marriage. Having sex outside marriage is going against God's will and desire for sex and marriage.  2. So, if you are serious about abstaining from sex, why engage in para sexual activities? It's absolu

Spiritual skills needed for year 2020- Final part

Hello lady, I know I am taking too long on this series, but I am definitely going to end it tonight. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed it. You can check for the last part of the series  here . 6. Listening to the word This is another great skill to master for this year. Be conscious about hearing God's word. Remember that faith comes by hearing the word. There is the primary hearing, where you take out time to listen to God's word, preached by another person. There is the secondary hearing, where you hear God's word, from your own mouth (confession). I have written a great deal about confession in the previous  post and so I would focus on the primary form of hearing here. First step to listening to the word is by being a part of a church, where you hear God's word regularly. Church Attendance should be taken really serious this year. Church is a spiritual school where we are groomed. It's in church that we are able to receive

Spiritual skills needed for year 2020- Part four

Oh mine, it's first of February. We need to get this done. I hope that these series has blessed you as much as it has blessed me. It's first of February already, review your plans for January. Did you meet all goals and targets? Have you started the course you planned for this year? Have you submitted the application? My dear, time waits for no one. 31 days gone already, 334 days left. Let's move on. You can check out the other parts here. Part One Part Two Part Three 4. Confession This is the act of declaring God's word about your situation and circumstances. Confession is borne out of meditation. This year, confess God's word than ever before. Let your words align with the word of God. Rather than confess your situation, confess the word and then your situation will begin to align with God's word that you are confessing. Create your world by virtue of your words. Let the word of God always be in your mouth.  Declare God's word concer