Spiritual skills needed for year 2020- Part two

Devil is a liar!!!

Year 2020 started on a really nice note for me, I must confess. I started full of energy and vigour, great plans, vision and all. In fact, the first few days, I had consistently read my allotted Bible portion...and if I was going at that pace, I would definitely finish the Bible in three months as I planned. I had opened the groups, planned my mentoring class for the year, almost completed some of the materials I intended to post soon.... everything was going on well!!!
Lemme spare you the details, but the second week in January, had me coming in and out of the hospital and that's why I said that the devil is a liar. It looked like everything changed....couldn't keep up with my plans again....even forgot about this blog at a time....but Glory to God, everything is back to normal now. It took me another one week to gather myself together๐Ÿ˜‚. At a point this week, I started asking myself where would I start from, but thank God for the energy of the spirit. 'I only lost a week', the Holy spirit said. 'Even if it was years, He's the restorer of times and seasons'.๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ My plan was to continue with the spiritual skills needed for 2020, but I feel strongly that someone needs to read this, 'God is the restorer of times and seasons. It does not matter how much time you think you have lost. This year, restoration is coming your way. Speed like never before!!! You soar high on eagles wings. Your contemporaries are amazed at how much you are able to cover in such a little time. You cover so much with ease, no struggle!!!

So let's continue. Please check out the first part of this article here.

Spiritual skills needed for year 2020

1. Bible reading

Just like the name implies, Bible reading is an act of reading the Bible. Reading is usually done to get understanding. Something came to heart now; reading gives understanding, study gives knowledge and meditation gives wisdom (please write in the comment if you agree or disagree, with reasons).
Bible reading is an act to master in this year because of its many benefits.
You get to know the mind of God concerning issues. God is so gracious, that he gave us a perfect blue print to follow. Every thing we ever need for life and godliness is contained in the word. There's no situation that God's word does not have an answer to, and by reading the word, we find answers to very many questions. By reading the word, we understand God's mind concerning us as his beloveds. God reveals himself to us, through pages of the scriptures.
If anything this year, ensure that you read your Bible. Determine to completely read your Bible at least once this year. There are several Bible reading plans you can download online as a form of guide. Find a plan I downloaded for myself attached. Be intentional in reading the Bible, but remember that it's not in the achievement, it's in the relationship.
So Poise is back again, and will continue tomorrow. Also watch out for the sexual purity testimony segment soon.

I love you loads.


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