Spiritual skills needed for year 2020-Part One

Official Happy new year babes!!!

Should I tell you what have been busy with for the past three weeks? 

Have been busy with the kids!!!

You thought I would say a book or an article right? 

Well, in between, I have had to smuggle some time out to work on some resources for the blog, but basically, the past three weeks have been so occupied with the two cuties. I barely had time to think except for times like this (midnight). Anyway, school is almost resuming💃💃. Not to say that I didn't enjoy their company (I should be careful of what I write here, because of when they grow old enough to read this blog🤣), but then, school resumption will mean more time  for myself during the day.

Happy new year once again!!! Glory to God💃💃, we made it🤗.
If you are like me, you have probably written down your plans, visions, goals and aspirations for this year. I am not a motivational speaker, neither am I planning to become one - my only counsel will be that if there's anything you want to achieve this year, now is the time to start. It's already the fourth day 😯, can you just imagine that.

So, I planned this post to come towards the end of 2019, but I couldn't, due to situations and circumstances I already explained😋.

Anyways, it's  better late than never.

It's about the spiritual skills you need for the year 2020. 

You might be wondering, why spiritual skills? Why not professional skills 😕. Well, the answer is this.  You are a spirit!!! So, priority should be given to the development of your spirit. Life in itself is spiritual, such that the spiritual controls the physical. Prioritizing your spiritual development definitely has an impact on your physical development. When I say physical development, I don't mean your weight and height. I mean areas such as your profession or career, your relationships, your decisions etc.

Before I change gear to another topic 😂, what are those spiritual skills needed to soar high on eagles wings in this year 2020.

1. Bible reading
2. Bible study
3. Meditation
4. Confession
5. Praying in tongues
6. Journaling
7. Listening to the word
8. Singing
9. Church Attending
10. Intercession

Chai, can you believe that at the start of this article, I only had 5 in mind. Whaoo, thank you Holy Spirit.
In next one or two articles, we will look into each of these skills and how to develop them. I am already looking forward. Please feel free to share and subscribe.

I love you.


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