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It's testimony time!!!
Welcome again to the share your sexual purity testimony  segment on Poise. As you know, this segment started as a way of letting young ladies know that a sexually pure courtship is possible and achievable. Not every lady is opening up her skirt for her so called fiance or boyfriend. Some ladies have decided to be different, to preserve their bodies till they say 'I do' on their big day. Mind you, these ladies are beautiful, classy, intelligent and spiritual.

Today, permit me to introduce to you the SPT couple for tonight, Christiana and Oladapo. Some people can no longer be termed as friends because they have stuck closer than sisters. Christiana is more than a sister to me. I had the privilege of seeing her begin the courtship and much more, bthe privilege of  being her chief bridesmaid. I can boldly say that, even though it was a really long wait, the bed was left undefiled.

I encourage you young lady, it does not matter the state you are at the moment, you can decide for sexual purity from now on.

Please enjoy the ride as you read their testimony.

Christiana and Oladapo Alabede 

From a tender age, I got to know about sexual abstinence, the joy and pride of been a virgin which is in accordance with my faith cores and values.

Our cultural background place values on sexual purity before marriage in line with this, our Christian belief also reinforced complete abstinence.

Challenges along the line
There was no big challenge for us as such, because it was more of a distance relationship.

Practical steps you took
Each time we saw each other, we made sure we spent quality time together and not do anything that would lead to seduction

Any regret for making the decision, now that you are married
No regret! 

Any other useful info
Guilt was one thing I never wanted to deal with, and having my spouse with this same belief of sexual purity made me pull through.

To share your testimony as an encouragement to young people. Please send a mail to oluwapelumi.adameji@gmail.com.
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