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Spiritual skills needed for year 2020- Part three

Hello ladies,  I really need to get done with this topic and move on to other matters.  The last blog post, I wrote about the first  skill which is Bible reading. Enjoy the read as we move on to the other necessary skills for the year 2020.  2. Bible study Like I said in my previous post, reading gives understanding, study gives knowledge, meditation gives wisdom.   This year, don't just read your Bible, take time out for study. Study requires a bit more time and attention than reading. Reading answers the question 'what' while study answers the question 'why', 'when'  and 'where'. You can decide to study verses, study topics, study books or study characters. By studying, you have more depth and understanding of the topic.  There are several Bible study guidelines that I have found online but one that has particularly appealed to me is the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer). I have also come across the WA

Spiritual skills needed for year 2020- Part two

Hullo, Devil is a liar!!! Year 2020 started on a really nice note for me, I must confess. I started full of energy and vigour, great plans, vision and all. In fact, the first few days, I had consistently read my allotted Bible portion...and if I was going at that pace, I would definitely finish the Bible in three months as I planned. I had opened the groups, planned my mentoring class for the year, almost completed some of the materials I intended to post soon.... everything was going on well!!! Until............................ Lemme spare you the details, but the second week in January, had me coming in and out of the hospital and that's why I said that the devil is a liar. It looked like everything changed....couldn't keep up with my plans again....even forgot about this blog at a time....but Glory to God, everything is back to normal now. It took me another one week to gather myself together😂. At a point this week, I started asking myself where would I start fro

Each time we saw each other, we......Christiana

It's testimony time!!! Welcome again to the share your sexual purity testimony  segment on Poise. As you know, this segment started as a way of letting young ladies know that a sexually pure courtship is possible and achievable. Not every lady is opening up her skirt for her so called fiance or boyfriend. Some ladies have decided to be different, to preserve their bodies till they say 'I do' on their big day. Mind you, these ladies are beautiful, classy, intelligent and spiritual. Today, permit me to introduce to you the SPT couple for tonight, Christiana and Oladapo . Some people can no longer be termed as friends because they have stuck closer than sisters. Christiana is more than a sister to me. I had the privilege of seeing her begin the courtship and much more, bthe privilege of  being her chief bridesmaid. I can boldly say that, even though it was a really long wait, the bed was left undefiled. I encourage you young lady, it does not matter the state you ar

New creation realities- DELIVERANCE

The new man has been delivered from the power of darkness Let's look at Col 1:2,12-13 It was Paul speaking here. He wrote a letter to the believers in Colosse, and then he was praying for them. Col 1:2, 12, 13 Hope you know that you are a saint. When you received Christ, you became a saint, pure, holy, just as if you never sinned, new, not because of what you did, but because of what Christ did. Saint is not only for Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Every new man in Christ is a Saint. That's how the Lord perceives you, so begin to perceive yourself that way. Paul was thanking God who made us qualified to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. We are partakers of the inheritances that belongs to saints. And did you notice that it was God who qualified us? He qualified us by sending Christ. When you believe in Christ, you become qualified, and you can partake of those inheritances, which include righteousness, health, success, prosperity, deliveranc

Spiritual skills needed for year 2020-Part One

Official Happy new year babes!!! Should I tell you what have been busy with for the past three weeks?  Have been busy with the kids!!! You thought I would say a book or an article right?  Well, in between, I have had to smuggle some time out to work on some resources for the blog, but basically, the past three weeks have been so occupied with the two cuties. I barely had time to think except for times like this (midnight). Anyway, school is almost resuming💃💃. Not to say that I didn't enjoy their company (I should be careful of what I write here, because of when they grow old enough to read this blog🤣), but then, school resumption will mean more time  for myself during the day. Happy new year once again!!! Glory to God💃💃, we made it🤗. If you are like me, you have probably written down your plans, visions, goals and aspirations for this year. I am not a motivational speaker, neither am I planning to become one - my only counsel will be that if there