Understanding Purpose as a young lady 1

Hi Ladies,
So today, I want to start a series on 'Understanding purpose as a young lady'. Would be nice to have a very good knowledge of what purpose means before moving into the new year. My desire is that coming year, each one begins to walk in line with God's purpose for her life.

What is Purpose?
Purpose means reason. The purpose of a thing is the reason for which that thing has been created. Before a manufacturer embarks on the journey of creating something, there has to be a purpose in his mind, or else his whole efforts will be a waste. God, who is our creator, had a purpose in mind at the point of creation. He had a general purpose for which he created human beings and then he has a specific purpose for which he created you, yes you. Our general purpose is to be a disciple of Christ, and our specific purpose is birthed out of submission to this primary calling.
To be a disciple of Christ means to follow Christ. Following someone comes easy out of a deep love for that person. It entails longing to be with that person, learning of the person, so that one can live out the exact life that the person is living. In the place of loving Christ, consistently fellowshipping with him, our unique callings and specific purposes becomes clear to us. Yes, it does not come all in one day. The Lord reveals them to us in bits and in pieces. But there is need for continual fellowship with the Lord, through the ministry of the word and prayers. This is the place of revelation of purpose.
So, as a single lady or married lady, there is a purpose for which the Lord has created you, and you need to discover and embrace that purpose. You can only discover that purpose and that unique identity through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please join me as we delve more into discovering God’s purpose for our lives. Am sure it’s going to be a worthwhile study. 

I love you


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