Understanding Purpose as a young lady 3

Hello sweet lady,
It's just few hours to the end of year 2019. I want to make sure I end this series this year. Be sure that year 2020 has a lot in stock for us. I am already looking forward💃. 
We have been able to establish from scriptures that every man who is in Christ, is blessed and commissioned of the Lord for this purpose -to be fruitful, to multiply and to replenish the earth. The question is what specific role does a woman has to play in this commission of the Lord. Going back to the beginning, we remember that after God created Adam, He realized that it is not good for him to be alone and then He decided to create a companion for him. Scripture referred to that companion as an ‘helpmeet’. So you see, in the assignment of the Lord to humans, the specific role that the woman has to play is to be a helpmeet for the man, that is to help the man in fulfilling God’s purpose. What of a woman who is not yet married? You can help your future husband in the place of prayer. Even though you have not met him, he’s existing and he has a great assignment before him. You can strengthen him in the place of prayer. He can already start to receive your help. You can also pray for increased insight for him. He needs to come into knowledge of God’s purpose for him so that in your marriage, you both can function effectively. Apart from that you can also in the place of fellowship find out from the Lord specific ways that He would have you multiply and replenish the earth, that is your own specific purpose here on earth. So as a single lady, as you pray, start to serve others, impact lives, meet the needs of people, and from there, you begin to know your specific assignment in God’s agenda on earth. Now, as a married woman, who is aware of her purpose. Know that your purpose is a form of helping your husband to fulfil his own purpose. Your purpose is a branch of your husband’s purpose and vision. No matter how large your vision is about the fulfilment of your purpose, it’s a help unto your husband. Bear this in mind, and be conscious of it. 

It was really nice doing year 2019 with you. Let's do this again next year. I love you a lot and have a happy and a prosperous new year.

I remain Poise


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