There were several times my body wanted to indulge in sex-Gabriel

Hello young lady,

Nothing is as sweet as having a sexually pure
So, Poise has an awesome couple on the segment this day. Gabriel and Damilola are all shades of beauty and admiration, and to crown it all, they had a perfectly pure courtship. Ain't they beautiful? Gabriel is a pharmacist by profession and Damilola is the CEO of Arewa cakes and more.

Read this!!!

Damilola and Gabriel Adedeji
Sexual Purity

All glory to God. All I wanted was just to fear God and to do his will, to be an example to as many who think it is not possible to be sexually pure in a relationship or courtship. I was really determined  that I will never sleep with anyone until after my wedding and God helped me fulfil it.    It was not easy though, there were several temptations but thanks to God, I made it.

Gabriel's testimony is same as mine. Thanks to God, I was mentored by the president of MINE teenagers, PST Timi Adigun, whose calling was to raise teens and youth to stay sexually pure.
Sexual Purity

Our challenges, by Gabriel
Yes there were several times the body wanted to indulge, having being in a relationship for 2yrs.
I ask my self why can't I since I will still marry her but each time such thoughts come, thanks  to the Holy spirit for always speaking and reminding me of my determination and also that one day I will share this testimony.

Practical steps we took
*We avoided being together alone always. This is very key as been alone always can cause a lot of damages.

*Both of us agreed to no sex before  marriage.
Amos 3:3  There must be an agreement

Any regrets?
No regrets whatsoever. Damilola has been an added value to me. Whatever we know now in marriage we learnt from each other, and we are proud of ourselves😄😄 Sexually, we are doing great👍👍👍
Sexual Purity

Useful info
*When people say she doesn't satisfy me, I ask my self; has this fellow tasted it before marriage? 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀

*In Relationship, stay pure. Yes, it's not easy but it's very possible. Make your relationship an example for others to learn from.

*Be sold out to God's kingdom work

*Be diligent at what you are doing

*Lay your hands on something even if small. It is what you lay your hands on that God would bless ✍✍

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