The Comparison Game- I have been there before!!!

Comparison game

Yes I know we are on the purpose series. But then, I cannot just resist the urge to write this. Waking up at this time of the night, I thought to publicize yesterday's post on social media and something caught my fancy. You think it's something serious right? 
Wait a minute, I will explain!!!. 
Yeee, I saw the picture of some of my friends, that indicated success in their lives at various levels......ooops....and then I began to think, and to think and to compare. The more I thought, the more I saw reasons to continue thinking and the more whatever success I might have achieved at this time looked like trash to me. I blamed God!!! I blamed others!!! I blamed myself!!!. In fact, I blamed my husband and even my children!!!.
Thank God for the Spirit of God who reorders our thoughts back to normal,  I probably would have been crying right now, instead of writing.
After all the thinking episodes (I guess he probably allowed me to spend some time thinking, so that I can as well see some things for myself), I heard that sweet still voice and it brought comfort to my spirit. Actually, the words were 'God has been good'. 
First, I noticed a tear dropped off my face, and I quickly caught it before the fall of torrents (I know
Second, I began to think again (actually, one of my hobby is thinking 🤭, and I was further encouraged when my Pastor mentioned on Tuesday, about someone who has a thinking room....story for another day). This time around, my thoughts were properly guided. I thought about the faithfulness of God. I thought about how God fulfils all my heart desires, no matter how minute they may seem (can you imagine, my daughter physically looks like my husband, and I think my son has a diastema💃....these are some of my seemingly minute desires, locked up somewhere in my heart). I also thought about how so many other people wish to be in my shoes, and how each person's step is ordered by the Lord, according to his will and plan for their lives.

So what exactly happened to me!!! It's called the comparison game and have played of it severally. I have been there before!!! And ladies tend to compare a lot. We compare our bodies, we compare our boyfriends, we compare our businesses.....hard but true! Social media can be a blessing, but sometimes it brings to us images that leaves us on that table of comparison, where we begin to check ourselves and conclude that we are nothing.
I cannot totally assure that such moments will not arise; moments when you feel like its all been wasted years, or when you feel like someone else is doing better (don't get me wrong, it's good to be motivated, but let not your motivation be in relation to any body, let it be in relation to yourself and to what God has told you about yourself).
I can only assure you that you can get yourself out of it.

What should you do when you are on the table of comparison?

You are probably wondering right now that this article is getting so long and have not even proferred any solution!!! There we go baby 😘

1. Allow yourself to think

Yeh, you heard me right!!!...maybe because I love thinking, but open it up and dissect it.

2. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts

As you think, the Holy Spirit will begin to bring in some thoughts your mind, as a way of comfort and encouragement. Allow him!!! No argument at this point baby. This is when you have gat to ride on his back and let him carry you through....

3. Allow gratitude to well up. 

The aim of the Holy Spirit is that God be magnified. As God is being magnified in your heart, allow gratitude to well up your spirit.  Let the thinking episode eventually become thanking episode. The more you appreciate your present moment, the easier it becomes to walk into future moments (uhmmm....quotable quote😜).

What are the things you should know?

1. Know God's plan and purpose for your life. This is very important. When you know what God has in mind concerning you, you will be less bothered about friend's achievements.

2. Know for sure that all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to his purpose. This is one of my favorite scripturesRomans 8:28 

3. Know that whatever you desire to achieve, as long as you are alive and determined, it's very possible. I have seen this over and over again. 

4. Know that you are the best version of yourself and nobody, I repeat, nobody is better than you. You have your own path, which you must identify and celebrate. You are unique in your own way. 

Final words

I read this in an article.
“Whenever you find you are comparing yourself to someone else, you should go right up to that person and compliment them on the very thing you’re jealous of or comparing yourself to.”

I hope someone is blessed by this article!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!!!

I love you


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