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Hello young lady and teenage girl,

So, today I thought to extract some parts of an article on knowing God's will in marriage, written by my husband, yipeeeee. I am very certain that you will enjoy it๐Ÿ˜€.
How to know God's will in marriage
God is the author of marriage and he is the best to consult when it comes to making a choice of a life partner. It is the right of a child of God to recognize and know God's will for them in all areas of life including marriage. Knowing God's will comes from a working knowledge of God that comes from an intimate relationship with God through regular fellowship with the spirit and the word.
Many people find it challenging to discern God's will for them in marriage because that's the first time they are consciously making attempt at knowing the specific will of God. This ought not to be so, because being led by the spirit is something that should be the way of life for believers Romans 8:14.
The way God will lead when it comes to marriage is the same way he has been leading us before we get to that juncture of our life. It is therefore imperative for you young lady to learn guidance by the spirit of God, not necessarily because of marriage but for application in general life issues.
The usual way God speaks to us is through the inner witness, that is, a knowledge in our spirit about something that is not yet revealed to our physical senses. It is a perception of the recreated human spirit that brings to knowledge what is the exact will of God in every situation or rather senses a danger ahead. God does speak through other means like hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in our spirit or the inner voice. Other spectacular forms of guidance include visions and dreams which usually is not the common way we receive regular guidance by the Spirit in the New Testament. This is however not an exhaustive list on understanding how to be led by the Spirit. 
Marriage is a beautiful thing ordained by God. For he said it was not good that man should be alone. 
An understanding of this helps us to know that seeking guidance from God is the wisest decision you can ever make concerning your marriage.
God does not choose for us, rather he directs us to make the right choice. Our power of choice is not taken away in following God's will in marriage, rather we are helped to make the right choices.
A common misconception is that some believer think they may not like or be attracted to the will of God. If you have walked with God, you will know he has your best interest in mind. He always supersedes your expectations; all you need to do is to renew your mind to these truths. He may not look attractive initially, but trust me, you will always be grateful that you followed him, if you allow him bring out the beauty out of the presumed ashes.Eph 3:20.
In our day to day interaction, we need to be sensitive to the nudging of the Holy Spirit per time. He brings things to your awareness in the place of prayer and word, even things of the distant future.
How to know God's will in marriage

Perception is the key to discerning God's will in marriage. Training your spirit to recognize God's will per time is essential and needful to walk in God's purpose for your life. Marriage is a part of God's purpose for your life, so it should not be difficult coming into knowledge of God's will concerning marriage. There is no need to be under the pressure of time or peers because he makes all things beautiful in his own time. Resting in the assurance that God has got it all figured out for you will help you to embrace his will for your life as a whole, including marriage. Your marriage is designed by God to be 'heaven on earth, therefore enjoy it because it has been prepared for you on the bill of grace.


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Seyi Boluwaji is a passionate lover of the Lord and of his wife.


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