There was no kissing, pecking..... Temitayo

It's testimony time....
Today on our testimony segment, we have two lovelies. It's a beautiful thing when two lovers of God are in love with one another and they keep the bed undefiled, especially in this generation of ours. Hey lady, can I tell you that despite the rottenness, some people are still pursuing after righteousness. Not everybody is doing that thing!!! Watch this space....

Temitayo and Ibitayo Oso

What made me decide for a sexually pure courtship were the teachings from my parents, and the church. I also became born again few weeks before resuming SS 2 class, so I knew sex before marriage was a sin.

I was also brought up in a christian home and became born again at a tender age so we were on the same page about pre-marital sex.

Challenges along the line
There were really no challenges because we had our rules and boundaries.

Practical steps you took
For instance, there was no kissing, pecking, wearing of anything seductive around each other or too tight hugs.

Any regret for making the decision, now that you are married
No regrets at all. Apart from obeying God's will, it was a fantastic decision.

Any other useful info
It has also helped us to enlighten youths that a long and pure courtship is possible when you make Christ the centre of it.

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