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Hey lady,

This is a follow up to the article on knowing God's will that I posted earlier on. My husband wrote something that caught my attention, “the way God will lead you when it comes to marriage is the same way he has been leading you before you get to that juncture in life”. There is this hype about hearing God when it comes to marriage matters, such that someone who has never heard God before on other matters will seek to know God's will concerning marriage. 
Babe, before you start wanting to know God's will about who you will marry, have you ever tried to know his will about other life matters? For example, if you are to go out or not to go out, your choice of career, etc. If you have not learnt to perceive God’s will about general life issues, then there's no way you are going to be able to perceive God's will when it comes to marriage. Marriage is a part of our life, and not a special part.
So, now is the time to learn dear. Start practicing knowing God's will concerning issues of life. You are not sure whether you should go out or not? In fact, you are not certain whether to wear a certain clothing or not?, seek to know God's will.
You might be wondering; how do you get to the point of being able to perceive correctly God's will for you concerning a matter? sister, it's fellowship with God through his word and through prayers.
Let me tell you something, God wants to speak to you. In fact, God is speaking to you all the time.  A.W. Tozer said 'It is the nature of God to speak.
 There are several ways through which God speaks to a believer (I strongly recommend you read “How to be led by the Spirit of God- Kenneth Hagin). (Click to download)

However, what I want you to learn from this article is that your recreated spirit has to be in sync with God's spirit to rightly percieve what God is saying per time. The sync comes when you spend time fellowshipping with God, meditating on the word, and praying in the spirit. The more you pray in the spirit, the easier it becomes to perceive God's will. I cannot lie, when I go a long time without praying in the spirit or without having a sound fellowship with God, I find it so challenging to discern God's will. As soon as I get back, clarity begins to well up.
So dear sis, my encouragement for you is that rather than concentrate on hearing God concerning your maritals, concentrate on being consistent in your fellowship with him, concentrate on meditating on scriptures and praying in tongues. Spend time praying in tongues and you will discover that you begin to come to the place of knowing and perceiving God's will for you concerning matters of life. 
To conclude, you can meditate on one of my favorite scriptures- John 10:3-5.

I love you


  1. Blessed by this ma'am. More wisdom and grace in Jesus name.

  2. Hmm... 'It is the nature of God to speak' meaning God is always speaking, the question is are we always tuned to His frequency to receive what He says at every point in time? Consistent communion will breed intimacy with the Father. What a lovely article, well done.


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