Relationship with knowledge

Hello ladies
I hope you had a nice weekend. This morning, I had a beautiful conversation with my brother about the love languages and hence, the inspiration for this article. What actually happened was that he gave me a word of 'deaffirmation' I accused him of always being quick to give me deaffirming words and never giving me encouraging words. I explained to him, that even though we are siblings, we need to relate with one another in knowledge. Knowledge of our love languages, knowledge of our gender peculiarities and knowledge of our individual peculiarities.
The discussion made me to think of so many people that have lost their maritally intended relationships due to lack of knowledge. That God said he is your spouse does not mean it will automatically work out fine. You need to relate with knowledge.

Do you know about the love languages? Everyone has a love language, that is the way they understand and perceive love. If your fiance's love language is 'word of affirmation' for instance, you should be conscious about affirming and encouraging him. Sometimes, you think about it during the day, and plan to affirm him about something in particular at night when you talk.

Do you know that there are basic differences between the male man and the female man. You need to find out about those differences and relate with him accordingly. For instance, men perceives love as respect. You cannot claim to love your guy and disrespect him at every instance. He can never understand that love. 

There are so many things to know, so that you can relate with him in knowledge. I can't exhaust them in this article.However, a way to get knowledge is by reading and listening to people with experience. Devote attention to reading books and be humble enough to learn from people. 
Another point worthy of note is that knowledge also applies in relating with people generally. 
When I start to relate with someone, one of the first things I want to know is the person's love language, so that I can direct my love properly. 
Sometimes, we tend to neglect this especially with people close to us, like our parents, our employees, siblings and so on. I know my mum loves word of affirmation, and sometimes I pick my phone and send a sweet love message. It does not have to be an anniversary. It's called relationship by knowledge. 
Uhmmm..... something just dropped now .....'relationship by knowledge in the spirit'. That will be our next content. 
Till then, be good...

Love you 


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