How to know people by the Spirit

Hey young ladies and young wives,

So today, am writing about relationships by knowledge in the Spirit.

Yeah, it's possible to know someone by the Spirit, and then relate with that person accordingly. Let me give an instance; you have a friend who gets annoyed easily, and you are wondering why. You can have a knowledge of her by the Spirit, in the place of fellowship, that could make you know why she gets angry easily. Probably, she has had some issues in the past, that has made her to be very hot tempered. When you know this, you will be able to relate with her better. When she displays the character, you understand where she is coming from, and may even be able to help her with the anger issues.
I hope you understand what I mean now.
So, knowledge of a person in the Spirit is the knowledge that the Spirit of God gives you about a person. It's always an accurate and a precise knowledge. Such knowledge could be for you to know about the place of that person in your life, so that you can receive him or her accordingly. For instance, the knowledge that a particular man is your husband; even if he's your friend at that point in time, the knowledge that he is your husband will guide your relationship with him. 
Honour comes with knowledge. The kind of honour you place on someone will be determined by the knowledge of the person that you have. 
You can have a spiritual knowledge about a level of friendship. There are some friends in my life that have perceived will be needed in life and destiny. Such friends are not to be traded with. Such relationships are jealously guarded. 
As a wife, you can know your husband by the Spirit. Years ago, even before I got married, I knew certain things about my husband in the spirit, alongside an instruction to always delight in him. A lot of times, when am doing opposite, the spirit of God reminds me on the need to always delight in him, and I adjust. That's called revelation by knowledge in the Spirit. 
I once wrote an article on celebrating our husbands, through our spirits. 
Sometimes, the Spirit of God can bring to you the need to attend to your husband in a particular area. The Spirit of God can even tell you to pamper him and give him some massage, because he has had a really busy and stressful day. The Spirit of God can help you to understand why he acted in a certain way and that understanding will just cause you to behave properly.
I hope I was able to pass this across in the simplest way possible.
You need to get to know people by the Spirit. You can rely on the information that the Spirit of God brings to you about someone and that information can help you better in your relationship with that person.

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I remain Poise
Loving you


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