I have loved you with an everlasting love

God's love is everlasting
Hello sweetlady,

Have you ever felt unloved by God? Have you ever felt that God is unhappy with you and no longer loves you? Then, this post is for you. 
God is in love with you. It does not matter what you have done or what you are doing. God is constantly in love with you. His love never changed one bit. He has loved you with an everlasting love. Do you know the meaning of everlasting? Something that exists forever. God's love towards you exists forever. 
See, whenever God looks at you, it is with love in His eyes. The same way he loves Christ, is the same way he loves you. Actually, when he views you, he sees Christ and then he loves up on you again. You are constantly in his view...engraved in the palm of his hand, your walls continually before him...so you are always loved of the Lord.
Do you remember the story of the prodigal son? Despite all he did, the father's love never changed. In fact, the father was eagerly waiting for him to come back and then when he came, the father ran.....and that's exactly what God does....no matter how far you went...he will run to embrace you with the arms of his love...
Never ever lose the revelation of God's love. It was the revelation of the father's love that made the prodigal son to go back home. The more you believe and receive God's love, the easier it is to come back. And that's what the devil does not want. He wants you to lose touch of the fact that God loves you. Imagine, the devil could not address Jesus as the beloved son of God Luke Luke 4:3.  The devil knew that a reminder of God's love will make Jesus to behave rightly. Thank God for Jesus who knew who he was.
Beloved, you need to know who you are; you are loved and accepted of the Lord. So, don't stay where you are, go back home. His arms are ever ready and willing to accept you back. Rejoice darling, God loves you so much. 

And I love you too


  1. I'm happy, I needed to be reminded of these revelations again

    1. Whaoo....Am happy too....I pray that God's love become more real to you. Thank you for reaching out.

  2. Grateful to God that you are back to writing my dear. I have just introduced a lady I am walking with to this particular blog post and to your blog entirely. I know I have been blessed by your sharing and she too will be blessed and changed. Keep on darling. More grace to you!


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