What is the difference between Dating and Courtship?

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What is the difference between Dating and courtship

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Today, am going to be writing about an interesting topic, 'Dating and Courtship'.

As a Christian lady, while growing up, I didn't hear so much about dating, but right now, dating seems to be the word that has taken over, even in Christian relationships. In this article, we will examine the difference between dating and Christian Courtship.

What is Dating?
Dating is from the word 'to date' which means to go out with someone or with people in whom one is romantically or sexually interested. 
Dating, therefore is like a regular going out with that person, not with marriage in view; but you just like one another and you are spending time together, to see if things will work out between you. 

Characteristics of Dating
1. No plans together for the future, but just enjoying the moment.
2. More than one person can be dated at a time
3. No commitment and you both know
4. No talks about marriage
5. Sexual activities can take place
6. No accountability to authorities such as parents and mentors

What is Christian Courtship?
It is a period of time, before marriage, when the intending couple gets to know one another better. Courtship begins from the point when there is a proposal for marriage, usually from the man to the woman. So, there's an end in view, and  there is a planning for that end, which is marriage. 

Characteristics of  a Christian Courtship
1. Starts with a clear proposal for marriage
2. There's commitment from both parties
3. Planning and discussing, with marriage in view
4. No sexual activities
5. Courtship is between two people
6. There is accountability to authorities

There is a clear difference between courtship and dating. As a Christian lady, your aim should be courtship and not dating. Don't allow a guy into your life, without a clear sense of purpose. It's okay to have friends, but before you start any intimate relationship, you must be sure that there's marriage in view, and this must be properly communicated and understood by both of you.

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