Hello Pretties,
Yeah, it's been a while, and the break was intentional. I made use of the period of silence to restructure, redefine, and so on....so be sure that am back for the best.....fully loaded for Year 2019. The vision has not changed, it's still about helping teenage girls and young ladies live a wholesome life: loving God, loving others and loving themselves. I love to see ladies live and enjoy life to the fullest, in Christ. I love to see married women, especially young wives enjoying their marriage, and being a blessing to their husbands. I also love to encourage women to be all that God intends them to be, whether as single or married. 
Meanwhile, a happy New Year to you.
What am about to write should have come before now, but I  believe it still has its usefulness. 
As we all know, the new Year is always filled with resolutions. Some call it goals, some call it vision, and so many other names. Whatever you have chosen to call it, all I know is that the new Year is an opportunity to retreat and start again. Thinking about the word 'retreat' now, brought to mind, the picture of a goat, about to attack another, first of all moving backwards before forcefully hitting the other goat on the head. Can you picture it too? Yes, the moving back of the goat before hitting its target is to gather momentum, to gain energy, so that the target can really feel the impact of the hit. How about when you are about to throw a projectile, you move your hand backward, first of all, in the opposite direction, before launching the throw. Why? To gain momentum that will allow the throw go very far. And that's exactly the purpose of a new Year: an opportunity to retreat, review, to look back (not to be discouraged or to condemn yourself, but to evaluate yourself, celebrate your successes and determine to make good, your failures).
So, it's a new Year, a new season, a new testimony. Welcome to 2019. Perhaps, up till now, you have decided not to look back, you want to just continue the same things you did in 2018. I advise that you check out the lapses, and also check out the strengths, so you can use them again in 2019. Don't be afraid to set new goals and target, you sure need them, and remember to write down the vision, in order to make it plain, and run with it ....

Happy New Year to you once again.
Loving you...


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