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Hello ladies, So, on the first day of the year, I got to study Hebrews 4:12. What a beautiful scripture to study the very first day of the year.  It talks about God's word being quick (alive and active), powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword. So my conclusion was to always take charge by God's word. To take charge of situations and circumstances, by the word cos the word is living, it is active, it is powerful, the word works. Rather than allow situations of life weigh me down, I should rather take charge by the word. And do you know that yesterday, some evil thoughts came creeping my mind, but I thank God for the word....I began to declare God's word concerning me and my household and then peace came. Glory!!! To the teenage girl out there, is your academics a challenge, or are you having issues with self esteem? Are u in fact overly concerned about your physical appearance, anxious about your career choice? Rather, than wallow in self pity, put God's


Hello Pretties, Yeah, it's been a while, and the break was intentional. I made use of the period of silence to restructure, redefine, and so be sure that am back for the best.....fully loaded for Year 2019. The vision has not changed, it's still about  helping teenage girls and young ladies live a wholesome life: loving God, loving others and loving themselves. I love to see ladies live and enjoy life to the fullest, in Christ. I love to see married women, especially young wives enjoying their marriage, and being a blessing to their husbands. I also love to encourage women to be all that God intends them to be, whether as single or married.  Meanwhile, a happy New Year to you. What am about to write should have come before now, but I  believe it still has its usefulness.  As we all know, the new Year is always filled with resolutions. Some call it goals, some call it vision, and so many other names. Whatever you have chosen to call it, all I know is that the n