7. It's okay to be yourself.

Yay, we have finally gotten to the end of this series. I hope you have enjoyed it so far. It took a while though.
So, ladies, it's okay to be yourself. In fact the best person you can be is yourself. You know what, I have been in the comparison game before and am sure quite a lot of you have;  ladies tend to be caught up often in the web of comparison, sometimes we do it unconsciously. Regularly, there's need to jerk yourself up from that table of comparison game. You can not continue to live your life wishing you were someone else, or that you had more of what someone else has. Never compare yourself with others. Appreciate you, your uniqueness, your abilities, and make efforts to improve and develop yourself. Comparing yourself with another will make you regress rather than progress. It only brings to the forefront your inadequacies and in fact gets you to the point of feeling that you can not go ahead of those inadequacies.
It's best to be yourself beloved, appreciate other people's success, in fact you can desire excellence but never compare.  Nobody else is living the exact life that you are living. You are unique in your way, use the resources around you, relationships etc. to get better. Concentrate on being the best that you can be. You find more expression in being yourself than in trying to be someone else. It's more difficult to be someone else. The best way you can shine is in being yourself. It's not a struggle, it's just your life that you are living.

To summarise the seven things that you should know as a lady.

1. Your beauty does not lie in how people perceive you. Your beauty depends on how you perceive yourself.
2. The state of your spirit is much more important than the state of your body.
3. There's a reason for which God has created you.
4. Your relationship with God is more important than any other relationship.
5. Character is very important.
6. Don't place your ultimate hope in marriage.
7. It's okay to be yourself.

Look forward for more on this blog.
Love you loads


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