6. Don't place your ultimate hope in marriage.

Am aware of how much you have in mind about your kind of marriage, in fact to start with, the man of your dreams. Some people don't want to die now because they are yet to experience marriage. Yes, marriage is a sweet can tell you that over and over again, but, don't place your ultimate hope in marriage. Marriage isn't meant to be the end. It's not the final bus station. Marriage is meant to be the means to fulfilling your God-given purpose. As a single lady, you need to have something that you are living for. You need to have a drive, a passion, something that keeps you going, that you have recognised as the reason for your existence. Yes, getting married can be a part of that big picture, but it is not all. I see a lot of young ladies, Me-where do you see yourself in the next five years? Response- in my husband's house or to make it more interesting, married, with 3 kids.
What? Is that all? What if by then you are not married? Would that mean a pause to your life, or a halt? Not being married should not put an end to your ministry. Do you know that marriage cannot solve the problem of loneliness? Our desire for intimacy that marriage brings can be found in Christ forever. Only Him can fulfil the deepest longings of our heart. Do you know that being single does not make you lesser than the married?
Pause a moment, think about your life outside it worth anything? If not, begin to discover the purpose of your living, develop passions and visions for your life. All of these you can find out in a walk with God. Along the line, marriage will come, fine!!!. It will help you to fulfil those discoveries you have made, and sincerely wifehood and motherhood cannot be undermined.
If you have not discovered anything about your life, as a single person, you might be swept away by the busyness of the married life. So you see that singleness is a busy time. It's not only for fantasizing. It's for acquiring knowledge, for development of yourself, it's a time to learn, unlearn and you look forward to that experience of marriage, make sure you get a life, because marriage is not the ultimate goal, Christ is.

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  1. But I feel sometimes, if u aren't getting it right, I mean at a certain age you aren't married, it brings so much pain, depression might set in

    1. You are very right sis. One just has to constantly remind oneself that marriage is not the end...while one enjoys the singlehood and prayerfully awaits the man


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